Real life stories of Maximuscle customers

Whatever your goals, the amazing transformations on this page demonstrate that dedication and discipline can give you the results that you strive for. These guys understand that hard training, a high protein diet and sports nutrition products - can deliver amazing benefits.

Body of 2010

Are you interested in featuring on the front cover of the Maximuscle catalogue?...All Maximuscle models are everyday people like you who have trained hard, followed a good high protein diet and used Maximuscle products to transform their physiques or sporting performance and know how to motivate others to do the same. If you have a story and some great photos that you're proud of, we want to hear about you and your results.

William West

Our Winner

My name is Will West and I am 24 years old and I have been overweight for most of those years! In April 2007 I decided to do something about it. I have previously trained with weights on and off so I knew my way around the gym but often lacked motivation to see it through and I just wouldn’t see any noticeable gains or improvements to my physique. The first picture is me at the start of my transformation weighing 14 stone. I radically changed my diet and cut out all junk food and alcohol, concentrating on lean meats and vegetables. I lifted weights and split my routine into 3 sessions, training every other day. I used Maximuscle products, because I know they work. I did not want to lose my strength when I began to lose weight, so Promax was my first purchase. It tastes great and really helps with recovery enabling me to continue my training without suffering from fatigue or muscle strain. Now that I have lost the fat, I am using Cyclone to increase muscle, stamina and strength.

From the before picture in April 07 to the after shot in August 07, I have lost 3 stones of fat and now have great definition and a lean physique. I want to continue to increase strength and mass and I know Maximuscle will greatly help me to achieve my goals.

John Amuesi

Runner Up

After I had seen myself in a photo at Christmas, I knew I had to make a change. I invested in a multi-gym and some dumbbells at home as I had never joined a gym before. I was introduced to a number of brands of protein and creatine but they made me feel bloated. A friend of mine recommended the Maximuscle range of products as the results would be worth it. My training consisted of 20 minutes cardio-workout such as running early in the mornings, three times a week. I took Promax Aminos so I wouldn’t lose any hard earned muscle gains. In the evenings I would use my multi-gym and dumbbells for an hour. I worked on different body parts, split every other day. For 3 months I used Progain Extreme twice a day and a Maxi-EFA capsule with every meal. I experienced real muscle growth, something that the other brands of proteins failed to do! I was far stronger than before and more confident in every aspect of my life. I sold my multi-gym , and joined my local gym which at first was slightly daunting until I realised that my efforts far surpassed most of the regulars and I would definitely say it was because I was taking Maximuscle nutrition.

Chris Jones

Runner Up

I have been training in a gym since I was 16, never really knowing what I was trying to do or what I wanted to look like. As life passed by and I got older, I got lazy and was happy just being the way I was, until one day two years ago I looked in a mirror and was shocked by what I saw.There was a fat bloke looking back at me from the mirror and the look on his face was of horror and shock. I rejoined my local gym and started to search the internet for information on diets and training tips and I came across Maximuscle and read all the information I could get my hands on. I decided to try some products to see if they worked. Well as you can see from the photos it has! And I am not finished yet – I want to shed a few more pounds of fat to get where I want to be, but thanks to Maximuscle products I know I am going to get there. Thanks again for all the information your website gives – it has been a great journey and I am staying on it for as long as I can. I am 40 now and have never in all my life looked and felt better in myself. Thanks again guys!

Arthur Zammit

Runner Up

I have been running for over 10 years and running well, but this year has been amazing! I think this is because I started using Viper Active as my main energy and recovery drink before and after racing or training. In Marathons last year my personal best was 3:30 and I could never get below that. But this year, I have done 3 marathons all under 3:30 as well as doing a total of 12 pb’s for various distances – wow! I know that Viper helped me, I am amazed and proud of myself and long may it continue. Thanks Viper and thanks Maximuscle.

Bradley Farrow

Previous Winner

Two days before I was meant to go to University last year, I had a severe sporting accident. After spending two weeks in hospital, then 6 weeks in a splint and then two months on crutches, I had wasted lots of muscle and a barrier of blubber had slid over previously defined areas.

Spending so long not being able to walk I had plenty of time to research all I could ever want to know about training, nutrition and muscle-building diets. At first the huge selection of products threw me, but after working out what I wanted, there was only one option - Maximuscle’s Cyclone. As soon as I was able to walk safely without crutches I eased myself into a two-day split weight training routine.

Now three months on I am looking better and I am physically stronger than I have ever been. I keep my cupboard stocked up with Cyclone, and order more at the first sign of it running out. I have tried many products, and I swear by this one. I can feel and see the results of fuelling your body with nothing but the best. Throw a Cyclone into your workout, it works.

Josef Zare

Runner Up

I had a slight build and I wanted to add some size so I decided to join a gym. I wasn’t sure of the calorie, protein and carbohydrate intake that was needed for optimum, healthy muscle growth but Maximuscle’s website answered all of my questions.

I trained very hard in the months leading up to last summer and I was well conditioned with defined abs and a healthy muscle mass. However, I was knocked off my bike and I sustained a broken collar bone. I was sidelined for 15 weeks in total. I kept my diet clean by using Promax Diet bars and kept the faith and my focus by reading the emails from Maximuscle.

I was given the all clear and I have trained harder than ever and my results have justified my input. I believe that Maximuscle products are cutting edge, they produce phenomenal results and I have been unbelievably impressed with the amount of lean muscle I have been able to put on by combining hard work with Promax shakes, bars and Thermobol.

James Koritsas

Runner Up

I introduced strength training as part of my rugby training. I was regularly going to the gym but was making very little progress in terms of muscle gain and was not seeing the benefits on the rugby field. I changed my training to introduce power lifting and compound exercises, while a friend of mine told me about Maximuscle products. I started by using Promax and noticed quick gains in lean muscle. Also unlike other protein shakes, Promax actually tasted good. Overall, Maximuscle products helped improve my sporting performance as well as making sure all my effort in the gym was not a waste of time.



Benjamin Garrett

Runner Up

At 19 I became a professional snooker player. After 2 years I injured my back and was forced to give it up – I found that the stress on my back of bending down and playing a shot aggravated it and I was devastated that I couldn’t play again. But I was introduced to something that changed my life – the world of weight training! I found that I could sit at a machine and just pump out reps. At the gym I picked up a Maximuscle magazine and thought I would give their products a go. After courses of Thermobol and Cyclone I lost fat and went down from a chubby 15 stone to 13 stone of pure lean muscle and have now been asked to model for magazines and have featured in a film as a US Marine!

Mark Bereton

Our Previous Winner

Football used to be my life and I used to play at a very competitive level until injury forced me away from the game. This prompted me to find alternative ways to satisfy my ambitious nature and I joined my local gym. For the first year or two it was more of a social thing where we had the one goal of becoming as big and as strong as possible. By the time I started University I was 15 stone and lifting serious weights, but did not feel myself. I wasn’t doing any cardio, I was bulky with no definition, and I felt a shadow of my previous super-fit self.

I therefore began my quest to totally change my outlook on training. I embarked upon an intense training regime, controlled my diet, and started using Maximuscle products. I massively increased my protein intake, lowered my carbs, and took Promax and Thermobol. After a few months I was training as hard as ever and more importantly I lost no strength. My final year in University was hectic, I had to cope with revising for my end of year exams, finding a suitable career, and dealing with the pressure of becoming a Dad for the first time!

But at the end of the year I achieved all my objectives as I had a 2:1 Marketing degree, secured an excellent job, and my girlfriend gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. I also achieved another personal goal and got my weight down to 13 stone which is quite easily maintained. I feel so confident, lean, fit and healthy – I am so glad I changed my outlook on training.

Suf Zumla

Runner Up

I had never been concerned about my weight and often survived on a diet of fast food and soft drinks throughout my student days. On a holiday to Tenerife at the end of college, a close friend of mine told me to put my belly away. I was horrified – I was overweight and unfit.

I started training when I got to university but the results didn’t come quickly. After 4 months with little improvement, a couple of guys at the gym recommended Cyclone and Progain to develop strength and size. I quickly began to build up lean muscle.

When my next holiday rolled around a party organiser asked me if I wanted to be entered into the ‘Best Beach Body’ Competition. I couldn’t believe it; in only one year I’d come from being overweight and flabby to having a commendable physique. I can honestly say Maximuscle products were the key to my success. I am still using them and will continue to do so. My progress inspired me to learn more and more about training and nutrition and I am now a Personal Trainer and recommend Maximuscle products to my clients, who reap the benefits of using them.

Nick Wolanski

Runner Up

I started training when I was about 16 because I was always very small and desperately wanted to change this. I started exercising and after a while I started to build new muscle and began getting stronger. My results filled me with such a sense of achievement and I felt fantastic. Looking to push my progress to the next level, I looked at Maximuscle products. I bought Progain which tastes fantastic and as my confidence in Maximuscle grew I bought a tub of Cyclone - it blew my expectations out of the water. I just recently added NO2 to my workouts and I now get an even greater pump that’s actually freaky. I decided to enter some competitions and I won the Junior Mr Scotland title and I came a close second in the BNBF show. I was amazed at my progression. Always follow your heart and you’ll get what you want in the end.

David Mendonca

Runner Up

I have always loved my training, be it boxing, weight training, running or football, but I have never really looked at sports nutrition or my diet. As I am now 33 years old and with two gorgeous little girls on my hands and a demanding managerial role, I thought rather than just try and get a six pack for my holidays I would eat and train as a way of life. Thanks to Maximuscle products I feel stronger and leaner than I have ever done before. I have never had so much energy and zest for life. I incorporate Promax, Thermobol and Promax Meal Bars in my diet. Thanks again Maximuscle for the great form.

David Hines

Account Manager

I was a skinny bloke who looked at a holiday photo and thought is that really what I look like? I work for an Advertising Agency as an Account Manager so I work long hours, sit in front of a computer or behind the wheel of my car and the heaviest thing I lift is my mouse.

I decided it was time for a change. A guy at my gym started helping me out and I soon realised the value of a training partner. I looked at the weights he was lifting and said, “that’s what I want to do” and he just laughed and said, “well you need to train hard and eat more”.

Hard training didn’t worry me, but I thought the food would be a problem as I had tried and failed with all sorts of sports nutrition over the years, from other companies. One shake would leave me feeling bloated for the day and unable to eat the food I needed to eat in order to grow.

However, I decided to look at sports nutrition again as the ‘normal’ food I needed to eat was costing me a fortune! That’s when I tried new Cyclone Orange. I loved the way it tasted and after two weeks I was noticing a difference like never before, My arms were tight on my T shirts and my bench press was up by 20kg!

I have been taking it for 2 months and I have to say it’s the best product I have ever tried as it has everything you need. Its easy to use, won’t leave you bloated and above all. It’s cost effective. I really wanted to say a BIG THANKS to Maximuscle for Cyclone Orange (and to Justin Emslie who motivated and trained me).

Ishan Guryay



I just wanted to get in shape and tone my body but, being given the worst genetics, it was a very tough goal to accomplish. I started off training hard but I kept eating the wrong food like kebabs and pizzas. My inexperience and naivety showed, but the more I trained, the more I learnt how important a high protein, mid calorie diet was.

A friend recommended Maximuscle and the many benefits good sports nutrition could bring. I took Progain and Creatamax Extreme to increase my mass and strength; and to keep energy levels high and protect my muscle when dieting I would take Viper Boost and Glutamax 300. My body started to change; my muscles were harder and better defined – goals like these were never reached while eating junk food!

Being a student could make it difficult to incorporate proper nutrition, but my lifestyle hasn’t changed – convenient bars and prepared protein shakes are kept with me to ensure sustained protein levels on the go. Many people remember me being skinny. I went to Cyprus last year for the first time in three years to see my family and the complements from neighbours were amazing – it’s a personal achievement that money cannot buy!

Adam Charlton

22 Years Old, 400m Runner


I am 22 years old and have been involved with athletics for a good few years now and have represented my country many times at the 400m. I first started introducing Maximuscle products to my diet in early 2002 and it made a huge impact to my training! In Just 3 weeks of consuming Creatamax 300 and Cyclone my bench press PB was smashed by 15kg and my running sessions became much more consistent. I experienced signficant improvements over shorter sprints – Creatamax 300 certainly developed my explosive power and helped me recover much faster. By 2004 I was representing my country, and was ranked number one in the country for my age group. I can’t stress enough how important Maximuscle products have been towards achieving my targets. My ultimate goal now is to make the 2008 Olympic team!



Simon Carty

England 18's Rugby


As I was naturally quite fast, when I first took up Rugby I made pretty good progress. I went on tour with Eastern Counties and over the summer I was told to prepare for the England 16’s. I was always quite bulky but I never was really that fussed about toning or anything so I had a belly.

I started weight training and looked at improving my diet. After seeing progress, I decided to take it further. I heard about protein and I started using Promax, having no idea how effective it would be. I pushed myself harder than I had done before. I went into the season with a bang, representing London Division at the England selections and I was approached by Leicester Tigers to join in with their Elite Player Scheme.

I am currently in training for the England 18’s selection and it is the products and information provided by Maximuscle that are helping me. From being 5ft 8 and 10 stone, I have progressed to 13 stone – I can’t wait for more. The products are helping my explosive power, bulk and recovery. I will continue to use these products knowing I’m safe and looking great. I am stronger and more dynamic in every way and I am going to keep improving. I couldn’t be happier being healthy.



Jonathan Carleton



In 2002 I was picked to compete for Ireland at the European Championships in the 4x100 relay but I got injured. As a postman working long hours, I have found it hard to find the energy to get back to my previous standard. Last year I was given a Maximuscle Catalogue and because of the drug testing, I decided to give it a go. This summer, my personal bests in the gym are being destroyed and on the running track I was running faster than ever! I’ve been using Promax, Creatamax Extreme and Ache Free and I do not get fatigued any more. I just wanted to get back to my previous standard, but now I want to be far better and I know I will with Maximuscle.



Kevin Rosewarn

21, Fitness instructor
I loved exercise at school, so at 16 I joined The Army, and then at 21, I decided to become a fitness instructor.


I had always enjoyed weight training but was not always that serious, after a while I noticed that I was quite strong so I increased the weights and even started power lifting. After a few years of training hard every day I had put on over 3 stone and at 25 I was over 16 stone and unhappy with the weight I’d gained.

In June 2005 I did something that I have always wanted to do and that was pass my motor bike test - it was fantastic. Until one day in September I was knocked off, I was rushed to hospital with damage to my lower back. After £10,000 worth of treatment it was over 9 months before I was able to train properly again and even then it was like I had just started as every exercise I tried to do caused me considerable pain. Slowly the weights started to increase and I was becoming stronger.

On 1st Jan 06 I hopped on the scales; I was 16.5 stone and approx 30% body fat. That was it. I’d had enough I decided to change my life, get focused and set myself a new challenge; to lose weight and train for the UKBBF South Coast Qualifier in April.

I followed a 14 week diet and training programme and the weight started to drop off and by the end of week 10 I was under 14 stone and 10% body fat - I felt fantastic but very tired and ready to give up!

On the morning of the competition I was filled with nerves, but feeling really confident as my friends and family had turned up to support me. The show was a fantastic experience, which I would recommend to anyone who trainsto do at least once in their lifetime, the sense of achievement was overwhelming. I didn’t finish in the top three, but I didn’t mind as I achieved my goal of losing the excess body weight and building muscle.I was so proud of myself and that has inspired me to continue training nomatter what the circumstances are in my life. I used Promax , Glutamax , Promax meal bars , ZMA , Thermobol and Progain to achieve my goals.

Click here for Kevin's training programme



Craig Fitches

A year ago whilst at university I decided to join the university gym. I undertook a 3 day a week weight training programme whilst studying hard for my final year. This involved a 3 day split training session; chest and shoulders, backand biceps and legs and triceps. With there being very little time to prepare meals and eat healthily, I decided to buy some Promax to ensure my body had the sufficient amounts of protein required for muscle growth.


This improved my recovery time and increased my strength in the gym. Currently I have increased my cardiovascular activity to ensure I stay lean and toned for the summer. I have continued to consume Promax whilst training to ensure my muscles do not waste away during increased cardiovascular activity.



Ben Kirby

I started university at Loughborough in October 2004 and as a small, untoned guy in an extremely elite sporting establishment, I wasn't happy with the state of my body and my confidence wasn't at its highest. So from the advice of my ‘gym going’ friends I joined up to one of the university gyms. After hard work, sweat and Maximuscle's products, I changed my body and finally could see my abs! It only took 9 months, which to me wasn't long for the results I achieved. I increased my weight by 14lbs and body fat level plummeted, I would recommend Maximuscle to everyone. I used both Promax and Thermobol regulary.




Craig Binnie

Youth Worker
When I was 21 I did the usual thing and got a set of home weights, set them up in my dad’s garage and started lifting. I then joined the local gym and started lifting heavier and heavier weights. It soon became my goal to get as big as possible. I tried many sports nutrition products and after seven years my weight had rocketed from 80kg to 107kg, I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t happy. In 1999 I had to take a hard look at myself and the lifestyle I was leading. Eating poorly and being overweight wasn’t the best way to reach my goal of a stunning six pack.


It was time to make drastic changes. I slowly changed my diet to eat 5-6 small meals a day and educated myself on different training techniques and read books about how the musculoskeletal system works. During this time I returned to full time education and studiedfor a HND in Sports Coaching and then went on to study Sport in the Community. This helped me get the job of my dreams as a Youth Worker.

After about four years of changing and refining my diet, I now weigh around 70kg which is a fairly healthy weight. I train at the Scottish Institute for Sport at Stirling University, where the facilities are fantastic. I train with weights 3-4 times a week and do CV work,either swimming or running, most days. I try and vary duration,frequency and intensity fairly often and not stick to one routine tomuch. As for products I take a multivitamin, cod liver oil capsule, Glucosamine, and a good quality protein such as Promax . As theholiday session approaches I will be using Thermobol and Promax Diet bars.



Sean Hollywood

Rugby player
I have been training on and off for some time now, but recently (three months ago) I started to incorporate Maximuscle products into my training and the results have been superb. I play rugby (number 8) and I have been trying to put on some weight for the position without losing my speed.I have been able to achieve those results going from 13st to 15st in three months, a 24lb increase. Its helped my overall performance so much, that I have been offered deals with bigger clubs. I have been using Creatamax and Progain .
Thanks Maximuscle.




Jon Chandler,

Insurance Manager
It all started after I saw a picture of myself on holiday. I used to be quite fit, but I sustained a knee injury and gave up playing football. After I saw the picture I knew I had to do something about my physical appearance. I joined the local gym, training was hard but I stuck with it. After about 6 months, I heard about Maximuscle and their products. I wanted to lose the excess body fat, so I tried Thermobol and CLA . In conjunction with a change of diet, regular training and Maximuscle products, the weight seemed to drop off. I went from 17 stone down to 13.5 within 18 months. I was amazed at how effective these products were and went on to try Creatamax 300 , an amazing product. It gave me greater stamina, improved recovery, muscle fullness never before experienced. I sometimes found it quite tiring going to the gym after work so I tried Viper Active and was amazed at the improvement in my energy levels and how quickly it worked after being consumed. It gave me the extra kick that I needed after a long day at work. I also used Pump Up + NO2 and was astonished by the quick results and intensity of my workouts. With Maximuscle, I have achieved a lot of the main goals that I set out to achieve when I first started training. I look forward to reaching them all in the near future with decent training, a good diet and great help from you guys.




Fred Mackay,

Facilities Assistant
As you can see from my photos I have lost a fair amount of weight, just over 7 stone, from 19st 11 to 12st 8 over the last 2 years. My story is this, I have trained with weights and martial arts for the last 16 years, you know the same old routine, heavy weights and lots of fuel but all I did was get bigger and bigger and not any fitter, so I kept lifting heavier weights and stuck to the same routine which as I know now doesn't work. During this period I picked up a serious leg injury which made training even more difficult, I then had to have a major op on my leg and after my op while I was recovering I came across Men's Health magazine with a leaflet in it for Maximuscle. So I read this and it totally changed my training programme and my life, I found out which were the best foods, supplements and proteins etc. I also found out how important it is to constantly change my weight routines and how important cardio workouts are. Once I did this the results were visible in a matter of weeks. My training programme is this - Monday - Cardio session and weights; Tuesday - martial arts; Wednesday - cardio and weights; Thursday - martial arts; Friday - cardio and weights and I rest the weekends. I know this may seem a lot but if you train and eat right and are prepared to rise early in the morning or go straight from work you can still lead a life outside the gym.




Steven Duke,

Service Engineer
I had been weight training regularly but was increasingly unhappy with my body fat so it was time to try a diet. What happened over the following weeks was not only a transformation in my appearance but also a time I developed mentally. I gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition and following a healthy lifestyle from Maximuscle magazines and people in the know. I started seeing the results and my motivation increased, the more results I gained the more focused I became. I realised that you can have the body and fitness you want if you are determined. I continued to train with weights 3 times a week, added extra aerobic exercises and bought a heart rate monitor for assessing the effectiveness of my workouts. The most important changes were diet and supplementation. You don't have to turn your life upside down to fulfill your potential. The products I used were Promax , Creatamax 300 and Thermobol .




David Williams,

Die Cutting Machine Minder
I am nearly 37 years old, married with 2 kids and live in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. I've been a runner for several years and managed 5 London Marathons. I suffered a serious hernia which needed surgery and 3 months off work. When I recovered I decided to change sports to triathlon and to tone up a bit. I joined the local gym doing weights 3 times a week and run, swim and bike sessions in between. I eat 5-6 times a day and have Creatamax 300 300 everyday to help with strength and my endurance. I eat plenty of chicken, tuna, veg and salads and stay well away from crisps, chocolate and junk food. I am also trying your CLA. I've lost 22lbs in weight. I have finished 2 London Triathlons and hope to complete lots more, including this year's Salford ITU World Cup Triathlon.




Dave Stewart,

University language student
I guess it's the same old cliché, but I started because I was really skinny and I wanted to get bigger. When I discovered weights it changed my life - for the better.
I started to read muscle magazines and discovered new techniques about how to lift weights, but more importantly I learnt about nutrition. I got inspiration and motivation from the guys with muscular and ripped physiques and decided that is how I wanted to be.
I have used Maximuscle products ever since I started training roughly three years ago. I use products such as Promax , Thermobol , Viper Active , and Progain in the winter. At the moment my training regime is two days on and one day off.
My split is back and biceps, chest and triceps, legs and shoulders. (It may sound a bit corny, but this keeps me feeling fresh and wanting to get back in the gym ASAP). I do CV every day whether it's running, a fat burning walk, cross trainer or a stationery bike session. As a student, the bike allows me to study while exercising.




Ryan Dickinson


At 19 I weighed around 11 stone, and at 6"3 I looked skinny, felt weak and had a low level of conidence. I started going to the gym at the age of 17 and had been working out for 2 years using various proteins weight gainers etc, whatever I tried it just wouldnt stay. I developed great tone but the mass and the weight was lacking.

It hit me when I was on holiday, I had my top off on the beach and all I saw was other people who looked great and I was making very little progress swopping and changing proteins 24/7 as nothing was working for me.

When I got back from holiday my goal was to get my exercise program sorted for getting bulk and staying very lean at the same time. I stopped off at my local supplement shop and I had a look around and something caught my eye, I started to read the ingredients and it looked good. I spoke to one of the shop assistants and he said Maximuscle is a brilliant brand, great tasting and a product that will give effective and fast results.

I thought I would give it a shot so I bought 2 tubs of Progain. Within the first month I noticed great weight gains. With further use of Maximuscle products I had noticed my strength had increased dramatically.

Now I use Promax Extreme to maintain my muscle mass and keep body fat low.


Jamie Barnwell-Edinlaro,

Social Worker
Way back in 1992 I was a 10 1/2 stone sixteen year old, embarking on my journey as a professional footballer. Fitness was a by-product of my profession and I pretty much took it for granted. My club introduced a fitness coach, we started weight training and my weight shot up to 11st 9lbs within six months.
My regime remained the same until I came out of professional ranks at 25 and settled into non-league football. I now had work commitments to juggle and had to fit my training into 2 days. I put on a few pounds, but was still a relatively lean 8% body fat. Thankfully it is here I came across Maximuscle after leafing through a magazine. Maximuscle helped me to maintain a healthy nutritional based diet whilst balancing a hectic work and personal life.
Then last September disaster struck. A serious Achilles tendon injury while playing football left me unable to walk properly for the best part of 6 weeks. The injury was a real blow, not just physically but mentally. I allowed frustration, at not being able to play, keep me out of the gym. The pounds started to creep on and by mid December my weight was up to 121/2 stone with 18% body fat – almost double what I'd previously been.
As Christmas approached I reached my lowest ebb and had pretty much resigned myself to a future of inactivity and over hanging gut. Then came the morning that changed everything, I received your 2005 catalogue with a letter saying "Dear Valued Customer. We haven't heard from you for sometime, have you stopped training?" for whatever reason that sparked off some enthusiasm (and a lot of guilt).
Christmas day I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. I decided I wanted to be in the best possible shape for our wedding I wanted to put on some size and set my self a goal of 14stone. I stocked up on Progain and Promax and started training January 1st. 2005
I would like to give Maximuscle a big thank you!




Timothy Thomas,

Long term experienced trainer
I have been training for twenty years and have tried many sports nutrition products and companies and spent a lot of money on the way.

I now feel I am finally getting my money's worth with Maximuscle and can trust I am getting exactly what the label claims. I get all my Maximuscle products from one of your long term Maximuscle sponsor's, masters power lifting champion, Derek Cope.

Now, at 35 I feel I'm at my fittest and best, achieved through a sound diet and training routine but also from using fantastic sports nutrition products all year round. Once again thanks for good work and honesty with your products.





Rupert Elkington-Cole,

Design Assistant
I take my sport seriously, that is why I won three medals at this years Kayak National Championships. I am a sprinter, so to win races I need power, and Maximuscle provides me with all the tools I need to get stronger and faster.
I first tried Maximuscle products last year as part of the Men's Health V-shaped Back Challenge, since then Maximuscle has become a core part of my training routine. The challenge involved a punishing six-days-a-week schedule of hypertrophy and strength-based sessions, and good sports nutrition was important for speedy recovery between sessions. Maximuscle's Cyclone and Promax Extreme provided the protein and creatine I needed to recover from the sessions and to build power and muscle bulk. Gym work is a big part of my training for racing, especially during winter when it's time to build strength and fitness for the summer season.
Gym sessions include anything from two-hour hypotrophy sessions, to speed-based lactic tolerance and plyometric work. Its hard work. I noticed huge gains this winter in my strength and size of lean muscle mass, my PBs went through the roof on all exercises. The kayakists most prized exercise is the chin up. I used to be able to do only one rep with a 20kg weight attached to my waist. Now I can do one with 45kg added to my 82kg body weight. The change that's made this possible is introducing Maximuscle products to my routine. Chin ups show my strength, but it's results on the water that matter. Two national silvers and a bronze show that training with Maximuscle works.




Dave Leather,

21, Wirral, Merseyside
In August 2003 I was 21 stone of pure flab (the fatty on the left). By July 2004 I had lost 6 stone, I also lost a lot of muscle due to the way I lost weight, so I hit the gym. I saw some results but nothing great as I wasn't eating right. Then I bought Maximuscle Creatamax Extreme and learned about nutrition and training. RESULTS! RESULTS! RESULTS! Now look at me, I bet you can't believe it's the same person – but it is me! I owe a lot to Maximuscle!




Robert Brown, 25,

Coffee shop owner from Worcestershire
"I am 25 years old, single, and live in the Cotswolds. Apart from running my own business and working out, I enjoy hill-walking with the three family terriers. At school, although athletically successful, I could best be described as slight and it was not until the age of nineteen that I became aware through reading magazines such as Men's Health what degree of improvement in physique was achievable.
I got involved, applied the necessary amount of hard work and dedication, and backed the effort with, what I believe is one of my main character strengths, determined willpower!
I have combined a healthy diet with an intensive exercise regime consisting of 4 weights sessions a week, limiting each workout to just over an hour, doing 8 sets of exercises for each body part.
Having successfully combined my training with my 4 year Management course a the University of Gloucestershire, eighteen months ago I set up my own specialist coffee house.
I have based my regime for the past 5 years on Maximuscle products, particularly Progain , Promax Extreme , Creatamax and Creatamax 300 , depending on what my particular goals are. I truly have a passion to find out just how far I can go – certainly at the moment; I feel there is a lot more in the tank!




Tony Berrill, 46, 6'2",

16 Stone, Sales Executive
"I am very proud to announce that in 1998 I appeared in 'Men's Health' magazine, In 2004 I was 'Body Builder' of the month in 'Flex' Magazine, but that same year my life was turned upside down - my company collapsed! I fell victim to comfort eating and the weight piled on. However, I knew I had to get my mind and body back on track. So on the 22 February 2005 I set myself a goal. I gave myself 12 weeks to knock my body back onto shape. I took a photograph of my awful shape to keep me motivated, I had to face two massive hurdles; burning fat and taking care of my sweet tooth!
Promax Diet Bars took care of my sweet chocolate tooth - SUPERB BAR!!! It was great for me because it was like eating chocolate fudge, but with lots of goodness in it. Also, I needed the building blocks from Amino Acids - Well am I glad I chose Maximuscle! Excellent tasting products, first class fast service - what more could I ask for... I love the bonus of buy 3 get 1 free. It means a lot to me as my money is very tight.
I have never taken sports nutrition products on a regular basis before - It is obvious to me now, how useful they are; I was a 42 inch waist - I am now 37. Imagine how I will look in another 12 weeks! Keep up the good work of being ambassadors of natural health. I hope I will be an inspiration to other young men of 46!





Mark Whitfield 41,

Photograher for Men's Health
"Before I started trying to build myself up, my body was in a bit of a state. I had lost lots of weight from running every day and eating a poor diet - it was almost like starvation. People were no longer asking me if I'd lost weight, they were telling me I looked too skinny or even ill.
Luckily, I was aware enough to realise I didn't look good and that my diet was affecting my health. I was given an exercise plan designed to bulk up. I was also given a new diet to follow and was highly recommended Maximuscle products. The diet I followed consisted of Promax with breakfast, Cyclone after working out and in the afternoon, and Promax again an hour before bed. My eating habits were changed so that I now eat 5 or 6 small meals per day.
Initially I was sceptical of Maximuscle's products - I was 41 year's old and always had skinny arms and had been shy of taking my shirt off for most of my life, so I wasn't sure how Maximuscle products could help.
However, the shakes were so easy to take, and mixed well. I found the Shake & Go products handy to take with me to the gym or out for the day - I even took them with me to a wedding! To my pleasant surprise they actually tasted nice and they were like proper milk shakes and not, as I'd imagined, like medicine. I was surprised how little the taking of protein shakes interfered with my daily routine.
After just 2 weeks of lifting weights and taking and Cyclone, I had some noticeable biceps, I was amazed! After that, the changes just kept getting better - bigger biceps, triceps, leg muscles, shoulder and chest muscles. My back became more 'v' shaped, I achieved a really good 6-pack and my whole body looked toned.
Obviously a lot of this was down to the work in the gym, but the results would never have been so good without the essential ingredients in Maximuscle's products."

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